Save time and money by digitalising construction document storage

12. February 2021 Written by David Lawrence
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Traditionally, construction document storage consists of lots of project files, both in paper and digital formats, being stored by companies on-site or on a few office-based computers.

There’s typically an initial outlay for Windows/Mac-based soware to manage the company’s accounts and documentation. There is also an emphasis on ensuring these machines securely store and manage their company files while some effort is made to build a reliable system. Both the computers and software can be expensive and are likely to become outdated and slow, resulting in the IT needing an overhaul within a relatively short period of time. If a project drawing is needed on a specific site, a courier is often used to deliver the files. This then incurs additional company expenditure for a utility vehicle, manpower and courier services.

Why construction firms should be taking advantage of cloud-hosting

Cloud-based software and hosting services are essential for today’s construction businesses. This technology is integrated into the Fonn system and designed to work with our construction document solution Our cloud-based storage hosting can store unlimited files, all of which are well protected thanks to our use of the latest encryption algorithm, widely used by banks and other businesses. Files are easily accessed through our cloud-based software, enabling company files and project drawings to be sent in only a few clicks. Introducing the latest technology to your business will significantly reduce expenses and maximise income.

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Unlimited storage

Fonn’s system significantly improves upon the traditional system that many construction companies use. Our software offers a solution that will help your company grow and succeed. We provide unlimited construction document storage and construction drawing storage, and since both features are cloud-based, you can access the software at any given time from anywhere. You don’t need to purchase extra hardware, expensive computers, hard drives or servers and software installation is not needed. It only needs a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Our software is mobile-friendly so a construction manager can access our system using their mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, with offline accessibility.

One of our clients which has benefitted from switching to a totally cloud-based document management system is Dapatchi Group.

“Working on our systems and structure, its true to say that Fonn remains a big piece of this and our future plans”,

Dan Pattrick, Managing Director and Founder, Dapatchi Group.

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How our cloud-based solution will benefit your company and staff

  1. We offer numerous file storage features to suit your needs, including:
    Documents – to store all documents related to a specific project
  2. Drawings – to store the drawing files for a specific project
  3. BIM models in IFC format, with an integrated viewer, which works on desktop and mobile versions.

Live updates

Receiving live updates through notifications is also an important feature within our software. The notification system will immediately alert the recipient of any major update coming from their managers, meaning users won’t miss any updates or advice about adjustments needed in their projects.

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