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Finding an alternative to Procore

No doubt, if you’ve been to a recent construction industry event, you will have seen or know of Procore. You might even be using Procore in your own firm right now. As one of the biggest software providers in the AEC sector, Procore has in…

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Fonn, the feature rich, better user experience alternative to Dalux Field

User experience is at the heart of why construction managers chose Fonn over Dalux Field. And with pressure to increase efficiencies and margins, the construction project management tool your firm chooses needs to be one your people in the…

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Top 7 construction management software in the UK

Many construction firms have embraced technology as part of managing their day to day projects and portfolios. But choosing the right construction management software for your company's needs is a different matter. It could be the…

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Artificial intelligence in construction projects: From fail and fix to predict and prevent

Construction projects requires diverse teams to plan, design, construct and uphold the project. It is commonly agreed that for a construction project to be successful it has to be completed on time within budget and according to the…

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Understanding the changes to Part L Building Regulations

As a builder or developer, you’ve likely heard of Building Regulations Part L. Last year, there were changes you may not have heard of, or perhaps need more information on. With a grace period that ended in June this year, there’s still…

Golden thread

What is The Golden Thread?

David Lawrence on the Golden Thread and why our industry needs it.

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Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence in Construction

A project manager wants a healthy project, yet few construction projects are delivered on time, on budget, with proper quality, and customer satisfaction. It sounds like a great way to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI), right? Track,…

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A letter from the CEO: A Look Back and A Look Ahead

It’s been 5 years since I started working on Fonn full time. Watching the team grow, the product mature and our market position strengthen is a unique and amazing feeling. It’s comparable to seeing my child grow up. This 5-year-old “child”…

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Finding an alternative to Deltek

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The evolution of construction

The construction industry spends an embarrassingly low amount of money on technology. Recent stats suggest that construction spends just 1.9% of its revenue on IT and tech. Being beat by all but two other industries.

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Expensive isn't always better

Do you think £3.99 is different to £4.00? You do fall for "marketing hype" and pricing strategies? Do you think expensive always means something is better? Does being cost effective ever mean your service or product is inferior to those…

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap: Addressing Age, Skills & Image Discrepancies in Construction

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7 tips for avoiding construction delays

Mention construction delays to anyone in the industry and you'll hear endless stories of projects which run on for weeks, months and years over schedule. Construction delays are so common that, according to McKinsey Global Institute, 77%…

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New innovations at Fonn

Some solutions in the AEC software space are done. Mission complete. It is what it is. If it looks like something from the '90s, it's probably because it is. Sound familiar? Fonn has a different Viewpoint...

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Fonn – Picking up the hammer for you where Fieldlens left off helped to pioneer the disruptive technology innovation in the construction industry. With the thought of improving communication and documentation, they sought out to create a SaaS that would bring efficiency to the field.

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Reducing construction mistakes and overconsumption of materials

The Fonn Construction site management tool provides all building project participants with easy access to up-to-date information. This improves communication, helping to avoid delays, mistakes and unnecessary resource use.

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Failure to change – lessons we can learn

Change management is one of the biggest hurdles that everybody faces. This can be in their personal life and their business life. We make many thousands of decisions every day, and as humans, we are creatures of habit. Doing what we know…

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Fonn is a finalist in the "Construction Award" category at the EG Tech Awards 2019

The winners will be announced on the evening of Wednesday 10 July at "The Brewery" in London, and Fonn is one of the four finalists in our category, selected from more than 90 candidates.

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All-star team of VC´s invest in disruptive technology for the global residential construction industry

A consortium led by Idekapital, with Aidiom, Investinor, Skagerak Maturo and Oxer Kapital as co-investors, invests $3 million in the Norwegian construction technology company Fonn. Fonn have set out to reinvent project management for…

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Impact of COVID19 and UK construction

It is no surprise that probably every company has been impacted by covid19 in someway. I speak to several companies every day and the feedback has been wide-ranging, from companies having to furlough the majority of their workforce,…

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Fonn is awarded Specialist Mobile Application of the Year!

This is the third award Fonn Construction has been shortlisted for in 2019, but this time we won! Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Award for the category "Specialist Mobile Application of the Year"! “The Corporate LiveWire…

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Fonn shortlisted for the Innovation of the Year Award

Fonn Construction nominated in the category "Innovation of the Year (Non-Contractor)" at the Construction News Specialists Award 2020, in London. Now in their 16th year, the Specialists Awards are the only national UK awards recognising…

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Fonn is named Top 50 global ConTech Startup in 2019 by PwC, BUILTWORLD and Ligh + Building

Together with international partners, BUILTWORLD scouted over 1.200 construction startups. More than 600 tech companies from all over the World were competing for a spot at the Top100. During an online voting, the leading construction…

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BIM plays a part in halving value of UK construction disputes

This article was published on, and we at Fonn found it spot on in describing issues we currently adress head on. With Fonn, all participants communicate directly, and all communication is stored for liability protection. Web…

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What is an RFI and how to use RFIs effectively

An RFI is used in the construction industry when a project's construction documentation lacks information that is required to proceed with any given scope of work.

Construction workers communication worksite

Save time and money by digitalising construction document storage

Traditionally, construction document storage consists of lots of project files, both in paper and digital formats, being stored by companies on-site or on a few office-based computers.

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Choosing the right solution - give tech a chance!

So you are in construction, and you have decided to give tech a go. Welcome to the minority - but you are my hero ;-)

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