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Project management for architects, property developers, engineers, project managers and others

Share documentation, make important clarifications and interact with all stakeholders in your projects through Fonn.

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Project Collaboration

All in one place, communicating directly with each other. Unlimited number of projects and unlimited number of users. Role-controlled access for both employees and partners.

  • Message function
  • Variations and non-conformance management
  • Communicate directly and address issues immediately
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Scope Of Works

Also called a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), worklist or similar. Here you will find everything that is planned in the project. Complete, document and verify the activities during the project to document quality and progress.

  • Complete and verify
  • Responsible
  • Track Time and Cost
  • Gantt Chart (Schedule)
  • Automatic Linking of Documents
  • Pictures

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project's schedule. The Gantt chart illustrates the start and end dates of the tasks in the project and shows a summary of the project. The tasks in the Gantt chart also show the structure: the Scope Of Works, also called WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).

  • Dynamic chart
  • Colour codes
  • Generated automatically
  • Dependencies
  • Critical Path
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Task management

Do not leave deviations, errors or changes without being responsible for rectification. With Fonn, you can easily create tasks for other project participants.

  • Notification to the person in charge
  • Relate tasks to case, checkpoint, drawing or document
  • Collective view for all chores
  • Red marking for unread or not performed
  • Recurring Tasks
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Part L Compliance

Seamless compliance with the new Part L Building Regulations

  • Geotagged Photos
  • Part L Reports
  • Fonn's Solution
  • Our Experience
  • Want to learn more about how we help with Part L Compliance?
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Client Experience

Invite clients and customers into the project, and share relevant information.

  • Role-controlled access
  • Variation approval
  • Quick and easy communication
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Snags and Variations

Lower the threshold to report deviations and variations. Use the "Issues" function or create your own forms.

  • Deviations reported as a direct message / Issue
  • Separate form for deviations and variations
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Project reports

Automate project reporting

  • Generated automatically
  • Custom time period
  • Your logo
  • Interactive report
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Upload your ifc files and get a full 3D view in Fonn. For both browser and mobile.

  • Full-fledged solution for mobile and tablets
  • Advanced Measurements and Pins
  • X-Ray Mode and Section Plane View
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Project overview / Dashboard

All information in Fonn is made available in our organization panel. Here you get a comprehensive overview of the status and progress of all your projects, and easily dive into details when needed.

  • "Drilldown"
  • Categorical improvement
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Advanced document and drawing management with plotting

Fonn supports advanced functions for plotting, measuring and annotating documents and drawings

  • Plotting
  • Measurements
  • Drawing comparisons
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Frequently asked questions

How much does Fonn cost?


You pay based on the size of your company. Find your price plan under PRICE in the main menu, or get in touch. We always include unlimited number of projects, unlimited number of users and unlimited amount of data.

What happens if I change my subscription?


All data is stored and made available to you for the next 12 years, with the possibility of extension. Data is available regardless of our customer relationship (read only access), and whether you have an active subscription or not.

Can I invite participants outside my organisation?


Yes. All participants are given a specified role, which indicates what they have access to and not access to. Fonn is more than an internal system. Good projects include all participants in the project, we have no limit on the number of users you can invite into your projects.

Do you have any questions?

We are here to help. Ask us anything, or ask for a non-binding live demo with one of our product specialists. At Fonn, we have real people answering, not chat robots.

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