Part L Compliance

Seamless compliance with the new Part L Building Regulations

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In June 2022 the UK government introduced new regulations aiming to reduce the CO2 emissions of new dwellings and commercial buildings. A one year grace period was granted for buildings that had already passed planning and where construction had started, that period is due to end in June 2023. One of the new requirements is to provide photographic evidence of insulation installed during the project. Specifically, the photos must be of high quality, show enough detail and be geotagged to verify the location the photos were taken.

Geotagged Photos

The requirement of geotagging photos can be a challenging process on a project with different people, different companies and varying hardware to take the photos. Photos need to be tagged correctly with exact latitude and longitude coordinates, and time and date stamps, otherwise they may be rejected by assessors.

The Fonn app allows users to capture all images of the build phase and automatically geotag them, removing the need to process photo evidence manually which can be open to human error.

Part L Reports

The new regulations are subject to assessment under the new SAP10 scheme and your SAP assessor will need to see the appropriate documentation in order to release your Energy Performance certificate. Without the EPC certificate, selling the house could be delayed or denied.

With Fonn, you can access auto-generated reports, on-demand ensuring projects are not delayed while your teams scramble to produce and send reports to be audited. This also helps avoid manual errors that can creep in during paperwork.

Fonn's Solution

The Fonn app takes care of everything. We offer pre-populated, multiple house-type templates that users can attach photos to. Fonn will automatically geotag them and add to the scope of works which also tracks things like the relevant user, time and date stamp and total unit/project progress.

Everyone involved with the project is aligned, using the same scope of works and can capture all evidence needed for the Part L requirements.

Our Experience

Fonn has developed the Part L solution alongside one of the UK’s largest house builders and hundreds of other customers in the house builder industry have already successfully implemented our app.

If this is something you are looking to add to your projects, let us set up a brief product demo where we can demonstrate the Part L solution along with other features that will see your business improve output by 30% as well as compliance with the new regulations.

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