Project Collaboration

All in one place, communicating directly with each other. Unlimited number of projects and unlimited number of users. Role-controlled access for both employees and partners.

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Easy communication with internal and external participants in the project. Direct communication between the participants, project manager sees that the dialogue takes place and can take part in it if necessary. Do not let the project manager be the bottleneck for information to reach the right recipient. Makes it easy to report deviations.

Message function

Take communication and information away from "hidden" channels. Go from scattered and confusing information on sms, Messenger, e-mail etc. and gather everything in one place, with full history.

Variations and non-conformance management

Lower the threshold to report deviations. Short text and photo documentation as minimum requirements. All cases can be enriched with information afterwards. Plotting and link to floor plan, create task for any improvement, add more pictures, set category for deviations etc.

Communicate directly and address issues immediately

Project members receive information as a "push message" directly on their mobile phone when they are assigned tasks, have to carry out an inspection or when the deadline is approaching.

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