Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project's schedule. The Gantt chart illustrates the start and end dates of the tasks in the project and shows a summary of the project. The tasks in the Gantt chart also show the structure: the Scope Of Works, also called WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).


Visualise how the project runs over time with a horizontal bar chart and different colour codes for different chapters. The Gantt chart is dynamic and you can "drag and drop" each item to adjust the dates and duration, or change order. With Gantt, you get a simple, useful and good visualisation of the project's progress and scope.

Dynamic chart

Make schedule changes directly in the Gantt chart, moving times and computers forward or backwards in time. Adjust the length of a single item, or the entire group.

Colour codes

Each group of items gets its own colour code. Easy to get an overview of the project's progress.

Generated automatically

The Gantt chart is generated automatically based on the Scope Of Works.


Set dependencies between the different activities, and automatically track how changes impact delivery date.

Critical Path

Identify the critical path of your project with our built-in critical path analyser.

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