Tender Packages

Effortless Tender Management: Streamline updates, keep bidders informed and simplify collaboration

Tender Packages

Tender Packages on Fonn encapsulates everything you need for a successful tender process. It includes multiple documents, a clear Request for Proposal (RFP), deadlines, and an award date. You can send these packages to companies effortlessly, and they can respond without needing a Fonn account, simplifying the entire process.

Effortless compartmentalisation: Streamline tendering for multiple bidders

Fonn's Tender Packages feature introduces a game-changing level of compartmentalisation to your tendering process. Now, you can create a single comprehensive tender package containing multiple documents and send it out to numerous bidders.

Enhanced collaboration

Notifications are sent out for any revisions, and bidders can easily access and submit their bids. Bidders can at any time update their bid with a new quote or new documents when new information becomes available.

Clear visibility and tracking

Track the status of your tender packages with ease. Fonn provides a clear overview of your packages, including deadlines, the number of invitees, received bids, and more. You'll always know where your tenders stand and can take action accordingly.

Simplify communication

Bidders don't need a Fonn account to access documents and to be kept in the loop.