Snags and Variations

Lower the threshold to report deviations and variations. Use the "Issues" function or create your own forms.

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Deviations and changes occur in each project. Then it is important to have good routines in place for reporting, and with Fonn you get a system that makes this user-friendly and fast. We have facilitated several ways to report, choose the method that suits your project. We help you with the choice.

Deviations reported as a direct message / Issue

All participants can report changes and deviations as easily as sending a text message. In retrospect, more information can be added, such as pictures, assignments, plotting in the drawing, reference to a document, etc. Everything is role-controlled and only the relevant participants are notified.

Separate form for deviations and variations

We have several standard forms that can be easily adapted to your company. You can also choose to build your own form. Digitise your forms in Fonn.

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