Scope Of Works

Also called a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), worklist or similar. Here you will find everything that is planned in the project. Complete, document and verify the activities during the project to document quality and progress.

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The Scope Of Works is the "heart" of every project. This is your tailor-made implementation plan. Get items from templates, create from scratch or import from plan tools.

Complete and verify

Each item has a set of different values that you can ask the user to update. You can report progress along the way at each point: Completed, commenced, verified or open.


For each item, you can set the person responsible for completion. All participants can easily sort checkpoints to see their tasks.

Track Time and Cost

Stay on top of your budget and schedule by tracking your project's actual progress and actual costs against planned. Time tracking is directly linked to Time Sheets

Gantt Chart (Schedule)

All Scope Of Works that have a start and end date can be visualized as a Gantt chart. You can manipulate progress and start and end dates directly in the Gantt chart. Read more in a separate chapter here:

Automatic Linking of Documents

All documents added to scope of works are automatically added to Fonn's document management system with all its advanced functionality at your fingertips. No need for double work.


Document all checkpoints with photo. Upload one or more, or take directly from the phone. Mark by drawing straight on the picture to highlight important details.