Document Management

Cloud-based document management for always updated information, and always the latest version available. Upload individual files, or "drag & drop" entire folders. You can notify all participants in the project of updates and changes. With access control, you decide who should have access to which documents.

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Drawings and Document Management

Never work from an out-of-date drawing again. Drawings and documents are stored in the cloud, always available.

  • Latest updated version of drawings right in your pocket.
  • Role-controlled access
  • Organisation folder
  • Full access from mobile, tablet and computer
  • Document processing directly in Fonn
  • Multi file type support
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Snags and Variations

Lower the threshold to report deviations and variations. Use the "Issues" function or create your own forms.

  • Deviations reported as a direct message / Issue
  • Separate form for deviations and variations
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Scope Of Works

Also called a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), worklist or similar. Here you will find everything that is planned in the project. Complete, document and verify the activities during the project to document quality and progress.

  • Complete and verify
  • Responsible
  • Track Time and Cost
  • Gantt Chart (Schedule)
  • Automatic Linking of Documents
  • Pictures
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Fonn offers modern and easy to use RFI handling. Using automated workflows, shorten time-consuming processes with Fonn.

  • RFI (Information Request)
  • RFI email reply
  • Organised History of RFI's
  • Automatic Linking of Documents
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Automate your Submittal Schedule in Fonn.

  • Document approvals
  • Submittal Schedule
  • Automatic Linking of Documents
  • Organised Archive
Tender Packages

Tender Packages

Effortless Tender Management: Streamline updates, keep bidders informed and simplify collaboration

  • Effortless compartmentalisation: Streamline tendering for multiple bidders
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Clear visibility and tracking
  • Simplify communication
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Advanced document and drawing management with plotting

Fonn supports advanced functions for plotting, measuring and annotating documents and drawings

  • Plotting
  • Measurements
  • Drawing comparisons
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Project Images

A picture says a thousand words. We have facilitated extensive use of images in several of our functions. Pictures quickly describe a situation, progress, error or deviation, and are valuable documentation.

  • Markings
  • Camera or camera roll
  • Upload photos
  • Documents discrepancies with photos
Tasks English V3

Task management

Do not leave deviations, errors or changes without being responsible for rectification. With Fonn, you can easily create tasks for other project participants.

  • Notification to the person in charge
  • Relate tasks to case, checkpoint, drawing or document
  • Collective view for all chores
  • Red marking for unread or not performed
  • Recurring Tasks