Upload your ifc files and get a full 3D view in Fonn. For both browser and mobile.

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BIM and ifc are part of the future of the construction industry. We have several solutions for working with BIM and 3D on construction projects. Maneuvers in the 3D models, select objects and report deviations / changes directly in the model. Fonn is the link between model and reality.

Full-fledged solution for mobile and tablets

Fonn fully supports ifc files for mobile devices, and you can easily work with the models on site.

Advanced Measurements and Pins

Easily make custom measurements in your model to measure angles and distances. Place checklist, task, and issue pins on objects so you can stay on top of activities tied to your project. Full support of .bcf export / import.

X-Ray Mode and Section Plane View

Navigate your model through x-ray mode and the section plane mode to manipulate the model to give you the full view from inside and out.